»Secure Boot in OpenPOWER Systems (in English)«
2019-08-03, 15:05–15:45, Radisson Lisboa

Secure boot aims to protect the integrity of the operating system by preventing untrusted code from loading during the platform boot. For that, secure boot establishes a chain of trust from firmware up to the operating system. The core root of trust is implicitly trusted to bootstrap the platform, however, each subsequent component is executed only if it is signed with trusted keys.

OpenPOWER systems are meant to run Linux on POWER. The OpenPOWER Foundation, an open technical membership organization, defines the minimum set of characteristics for OpenPOWER systems. It also provides an open source firmware reference implementation.

In this talk, Claudio Carvalho will present how secure boot works in OpenPOWER systems. This discussion includes design and implementation aspects that are both currently in progress for OpenPOWER firmware and Linux kernel layers.

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