»From Linux to Android: the path to becoming a secure mobile operating system (in Portuguese)«
2019-08-04, 14:45–15:25, Radisson Amsterdã

Over a decade ago, Linux gave birth to what would have become the most popular mobile operating system, with over 2 billion active devices and millions of applications available to its users. However, alongside this gigantic userbase comes an equally gigantic challenge: how do we keep these devices secure? We cannot count on so many developers to have secure programming practices, nor can we expect every user to be careful with security issues. On the other hand, users are often concerned about their privacy and security. This created a demand for special security features: granular permissions (SELinux), sandboxing, application signing to name a few. This presentation will show Android's journey from the mainline Linux kernel to becoming a mobile operating system with exemplary security features and discuss today's security challenges faced by it.