»Libpulp: we patched user space live patching (in English)«
2019-08-04, 09:45–10:25, Radisson Madrid

Through live patching it is possible to fix software bugs on-the-fly, preventing the need for downtime. Such capability is of great interest to system administrators, since it enables the correction of critical problems, such as security bugs, without jeopardizing the whole system’s availability. Live patching is not only being successfully used on enterprise versions of Linux as it has already paved its way into the upstream kernel source. While the benefits of live patching stand clear in the kernel context due to the obvious costs of rebooting a server, such remained blurred for user space applications. Yet, there are still many situations where this feature would be desirable. In this work, we present a reasonable and light-weight approach which does not require source modification for enabling live patching of user space libraries.

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