»How to write your own KVM client from scratch (in English)«
2019-08-03, 14:20–15:00, Radisson Madrid

How to write your own KVM client from scratch

Have you ever wondered how does QEMU talk to the Linux KVM? Or how to write your own emulator to execute code using KVM acceleration?

This presentation will show audience how to write a KVM client using the Linux KVM API and will also show how QEMU uses that to emulate machines.

I will walk the audience through the steps an emulator does to talk to KVM, e.g.: open /dev/kvm device, allocate memory for the virtual machine, create virtual CPUs, set up architecture registers, and execute code on KVM side.

After explaining these steps, I will show some QEMU snippets that use KVM API to emulate virtual machines as a reference implementation.

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