»Bootstrapping Debian on Smartphones (NOTE: Requires additional registration)«
2019-08-02, 09:00–13:00, USP LabX

NOTE: in portuguese

NOTE: Registration closed

NOTE: Bring you own devices (laptop AND hackable-smartphone)

Running a fully free operating system on your laptop in less and less sufficient to guarantee control over your computing, now that most of our personal data goes directly through our smartphones; which are nothing more than ARM-based (mostly) pocket computers. Debian, on the other hand, is allegedly the universal Free Software operating system. Thus, it also needs to run on mobile devices. In this tutorial, we will get our hands dirty with DebianOn, a project to get Debian running on any kind of computer that could - theoretically - support it. In particular, we will discuss what is required to do it, and actually try to install Debian on any smartphones brought in by the audience. You won't be able to fully replace your Android with Debian yet, but why not dual boot it, and enjoy an actual free operating system natively running in your pocket? Bring your own devices. And back them up beforehand.