»Understanding the IIO subsystem with AD7292 (in Portuguese)«
2019-08-03, 11:25–12:05, Radisson Amsterdã

In this talk will be presented an overview of the Industrial I/O (IIO) subsystem, it's internal structure and its helpful API. Afterward, we will have a look at what kind of device drivers can be implemented within the kernel, how they are managed, how to perform basic read and write operations, export data to userspace, and how to do some debug.

From this background, I will show how to create an IIO device driver from scratch by using AD7292 as a use case. We will start from what kind of device it will be, through using IIO API to simplify driver creation; I'll also cover the three main functions for IIO drivers: probe, read_raw, and write_raw. Since a driver usually needs to export data to userspace, we will see how to do it with the IIO ABI. Finally, there will be a demo showing the proposed driver working and retrieving data from a real device.